At the University of New Brunswick (Renaissance College) I am (or recently have been) teaching (face-to-face / online):

  • RCLP 1001 Leadership Foundations
  • RCLP 2001 Practicing Leadership in Community Projects
  • RCLP 3030 Integrated Learning Portfolio (online only)
  • RCLP 3031 Applied Leadership Project (online only)
  • RCLP 4001 Directed Studies in leadership
  • RCLP 4002 Social Entrepreneurship and Change Leadership
  • RCLP 4003 Leadership and Foresight

Further, at UNB I supervised several interdisciplinary PhD-student in leadership studies; one PhD graduate now serves as professor at the University of Guelph and another one as senior executive consultant at one of the top global consultancies. In addition, at Athabasca University (Faculty of Business, MBA and DBA programs) I have been supervising Applied Projects and I am teaching:

  • EPMG 681: Project Management Governance
  • DDBA 802: Management Research in Practice

Over the years I have taught the following additional courses at various universities (in addition to supervising one interdisciplinary PhD student in leadership studies and numerous students in their masters’ theses or master-level applied project):

University of New Brunswick

  • RCLP 1011: Worldviews, Religions and Spirituality
  • RCLP 1112: Integrative Forum
  • RCLP 3035: Leadership in Theory and Practice II
  • MPhil  6205: Individual directed studies

Athabasca University, Centre for innovative Management, MBA program

  • PITP 601: Initiating the Project
  • PPTP 602: Planning the Project
  • PETP 603: Executing and controlling the Project
  • PCTP 604: Closing the Project
  • EPMG 681: Project Governance

Royal Roads University, School of Business Administration, MBA program

  • EX 671: Project Management

Selkirk College, School of Business Administration

  • ADMN 269: Information Systems
  • ADMN 293: E-Commerce
  • ADMN 167 Section 1: Business Software Applications
  • ADMN 167 Section 2: Business Software Applications

Trinity Western University, Master of Arts in Leadership Program

  • LDRS 615B: Leadership across cultures
  • LDRS 612B: Leadership and Change
  • LDRS 614B: Mission, Marketing and Quality

University of Victoria, School of Public Administration

  • ADMN 470 F03: Effective Leadership
  • ADMN 470 K50: Teamwork without limits

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