At the University of New Brunswick (Renaissance College) I recently have been teaching (face-to-face / online):

  • RCLP 1001 Leadership Foundations
  • RCLP 2001 Practicing Leadership in Community Projects
  • RCLP 3030 Integrated Learning Portfolio (online only)
  • RCLP 3031 Applied Leadership Project (online only)
  • RCLP 4001 Directed Studies in leadership
  • RCLP 4002 Social Entrepreneurship and Change Leadership
  • RCLP 4003 Leadership and Foresight
  • RCLP 4997 Leadership Practicum

Further, at UNB I supervised several interdisciplinary PhD-student in leadership studies; one PhD graduate now serves as professor at the University of Guelph, another one as senior executive consultant at one of the top global consultancies, and a third one as research associate at the University of New Brunswick. In addition, at Athabasca University (Faculty of Business, MBA and DBA programs) I have been supervising Applied Projects and taught:

  • EPMG 681: Project Management Governance
  • DDBA 802: Management Research in Practice

Over the years I have taught the following additional courses at various universities (in addition to supervising one interdisciplinary PhD student in leadership studies and numerous students in their masters’ theses or master-level applied project):

University of New Brunswick

  • RCLP 1011: Worldviews, Religions and Spirituality
  • RCLP 1112: Integrative Forum
  • RCLP 3035: Leadership in Theory and Practice II
  • MPhil  6205: Individual directed studies

Athabasca University, Centre for innovative Management, MBA and DBA programs

  • PITP 601: Initiating the Project
  • PPTP 602: Planning the Project
  • PETP 603: Executing and controlling the Project
  • PCTP 604: Closing the Project
  • EPMG 681: Project Governance
  • DDBA 802: Management Research in Practice

Royal Roads University, School of Business Administration, MBA program

  • EX 671: Project Management

Selkirk College, School of Business Administration

  • ADMN 269: Information Systems
  • ADMN 293: E-Commerce
  • ADMN 167 Section 1: Business Software Applications
  • ADMN 167 Section 2: Business Software Applications

Trinity Western University, Master of Arts in Leadership Program

  • LDRS 615B: Leadership across cultures
  • LDRS 612B: Leadership and Change
  • LDRS 614B: Mission, Marketing and Quality

University of Victoria, School of Public Administration

  • ADMN 470 F03: Effective Leadership
  • ADMN 470 K50: Teamwork without limits

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