Writing Projects

Currently, I am using a creative non-fiction approach while exploring the journey I undertook to learn about, to experience, to engage in, and to exercise leadership. The working title for the project is:

“Learning Leadership – Memories, Reflections, and My Quest for Meaning”.

Further, I am working on the first volume of a trilogy (or maybe even series?) with the working title

“Forever, Wherever – Mysteries and Adventures across times and spaces”,

featuring a Benedictine monk and an accountant who break free of their limiting past and embark on various adventures in connection with their consulting work in forensic accounting around the globe and across several time periods (including the future … needless to say 😉).

Before that, I integrated three research project themes that are close to my heart and mind: Values-orientation, leadership, and futures-studies. In addition to several opportunities for presentations and publications, in 2021 I have published an edited a book (Cambridge Scholars Publishing) on

Leadership for the Future: Lessons from the Past, Current Approaches, and Insights from Futures-Studies and Foresight“.

First, we present leadership approaches from the past and present. Second, we critically discuss these in light of foreseeable future challenges and scenarios. Third, drawing from the field of futures studies and foresight we present and discuss concepts of leadership that are “futures ready” (see details under Publications).

Sharing what I think and do…