Research and Scholarly Interests

Current Research:

Currently, I am focusing on three research project themes that are closely related with my teaching at Renaissance College and that provide(d) a couple of opportunities for presentations and publications also:

  • Leadership models and frameworks:
    • I am working on a research project exploring emerging elements of a model for “leadership from the future” from various interdisciplinary perspectives. First results have been presented at the
      • UNB Research Showcase (ORS; Sept 30, 2016)
      • Atlantic Schools of Business conference (Oct 21-23, 2016): Mengel, T. (2016). “Back to the future” – An emerging model of post-contemporary leadership. Presentation at the Atlantic Business School Conference 2016. Saint Mary’s University, Sobey School of Bussines. Oct 21-23.
      • Center for Leadership Excellence conference, Halifax (Saint Mary’s University; June 15-17, 2017) – 1st International Conference on Leadership and Diversity: Mengel, T. (2017). “Diversifying the adaptive and systems leadership approaches – An emerging model of post-contemporary leadership”.
    • Social Entrepreneurship Education:
      • As a collaborating researcher of a SSHRC funded project I am working with one of the principal investigators (Dr. Jeff McNally, UNB, Faculty of Business) and with a PhD student that we both co-supervise on describing key elements of effective social entrepreneurship education ( in Canada and in global comparison). Results from our Canadian study have been peer reviewed, presented and published; the global study is still under way and first results have been presented:
        • Mengel, T., Tantawy, M. & McNally, J. (2016). Social entrepreneurship education in Canada: passion and practice. The Workplace Review: Sobey School of Business, St. Mary’s University, Halifax. April 2016 issue, p. 57-70.
        • Tantawy, M., McNally, J. J., Mengel, T., Welsh, D. H. B., & Piperopoulos, P. (2017). Social Entrepreneurship Education On A Global Scale: Where Do We Stand And What Lies Ahead? Peer reviewed presentation at the 2017 Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) Conference. May 29 – June 1. Montreal, QC, Canada.
      • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning:
        • Recently, a peer reviewed paper on ‘The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at Renaissance College has been published as part of a special issue of “New Directions for Teaching and Learning”: Mengel, T. (2016). The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) at Renaissance College (University of New Brunswick): A Case Study of SoTL at the Faculty Level. New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 2016 (146), p. 39-45. Available at:
        • UNB’s Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning has been funding a research project I was conducting with the help of research assistant and PhD student Maha Tantawy. The aim of this project was to improve the teaching of RCLP 4002 Change Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship in its 2017 offering. The project focused on a course redesign based on learner feedback resulting from Student Opinion Surveys, additional targeted surveys and from a focus group. First results have been presented at the UNB Kaleidoscope Teaching Showcase on Dec 7th ( The final results have been presented at the Center for Leadership Excellence conference, Halifax (Saint Mary’s University; June 15-17 2017) and the conference of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE), June 20-23, 2017.
        • The final paper has been peer reviewed and published as Mengel, T., & Tantawy, M. (2018). Taking Social Entrepreneurship Education (SEE) to the next level – A Teaching and Learning Project at Renaissance College (University of New Brunswick).  Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching, (11) 2018, p. 22-41. >available at<

Scholarly Interests:

While my broad interest in learning and teaching about the greater questions of life may never be fully satisfied, my current focus is on understanding how current challenges might inform a model of leadership for the future (and from the future). Furthermore, I am interested in understanding how fiction might support the development and expression of new formulas of leadership. Finally, I am intrigued by the scholarship of teaching and learning leadership for young and emerging leaders.

In addition, I am interested in jointly answering the following questions:

  • How do we lead our lives? How do we create the stories of our life and how do we re-story our life particularly when responding to life’s challenges? How do we derive meaning from life and how do we contribute to a meaningful life of others? How do we engage in, respond to, and lead change processes on various levels?

  • What role do different worldviews play in our personal and professional development? How does that play out on our life stories? How does this influence our understanding and shaping of leadership processes? What are the different options of engaging in and shaping leadership processes?

  • How can leadership be taught, particularly to young people? How do we learn and teach how to lead our lives? How do we learn and teach how to take a stand and make a difference? How do we learn and teach to effectively engage in leadership processes? How do we assess what we have learned and evaluate what we have taught?

  • What is the value of project management for organizations in general and for leadership processes in particular? How do leadership, ethics, and values contribute to the “success” of organizations and their projects? How can emerging leaders comprehensively and successfully engage in meaningful projects? How can we best learn and teach doing so?

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