“Leadership for the future” – Feature in Podcast and book-in-focus website of Cambridge Scholars publishing

“Our values will help arrive at a future that’s probably preferable to one that we arrive at if we do nothing. If you do nothing, if you just keep your eyes on the road as you go or look into the rearview mirror, then somebody else will create the maps and the world you drive in, and you have to live with the world that others create for you. If you want to stay active, you have to co-create the world that you are driving in”. For the whole interview, follow the link to my conversation with Tyler Mongan in his Future Intelligent Leadership podcast: https://www.buzzsprout.com/579214/9033962

“Co-creating and continuously adapting effective solutions that are just and equally accessible to all is a core component of future-proofing leadership processes”. Our book “Leadership for the Future is now featured on the publisher’s “Book in Focus” website: https://www.cambridgescholars.com/news/item/book-in-focus-leadership-for-the-future-lessons-from-the-past-current-approaches-and-future-insights

“Leadership for the Future” – y(OUR) support is appreciated

In connection with the publication of my edited book (https://www.cambridgescholars.com/product/978-1-5275-7059-7) I pledge my (and your) monthly support for two key players in the fields of climate change and maintaining biodiversity: The David Suzuki Foundation (https://davidsuzuki.org) and the World Wildlife Fund (https://wwf.ca).

I will use royalties from the sales of my book to help fund my monthly contributions to these two organizations.

Thank you for your support through purchasing the book and/or through direct donations!

“Leadership for the Future” – Published

I am happy and proud to announce the publication of my edited book. The labour of 40 years of professional and academic passion went into this. In my own chapters, I combined my take on Values-Oriented Leadership and Futures-Oriented Leadership. In addition, 20 international scholars and practitioners from near and far have collaborated and contributed to this volume.

From New Brunswick, we have my former doctoral student (Christian Couturier) and my “new” dean at Renaissance College (Carol Nemeroff), and from the furthest, my beloved colleague (Elissa Farrow) joined us from down under. Thanks to all and to Cambridge Scholars Publishing for helping to make this happen!

See the publisher’s press release here (including further details, table of contents, etc.).

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